How to nail your social media game in five simple steps

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Social media for business is no longer a maybe, it is essential. Online platforms are the new ways of reaching customers, gaining valuable insights, and growing any brand.

71 per cent of the overall Australian population have active social media accounts. That’s a whopping 18 million people, according to Hootsuite.

The overall reach social media provides businesses is undoubtedly second to none and in 2020 it is a crucial marketing strategy for every brand to have an online presence.

But, there is more to social media than having an account; it’s what you do with it that will really make a difference.

Nailing your social media game is not hard, it simply takes persistence and time. Here’s a few simple steps to managing a successful and scroll-worth social media account:

STEP 1- Love at first sight

An aesthetically pleasing social account is a must. If a consumer is going to click on your account you need to wow them at first sight and keep them there for more than a few seconds. Every account should endeavour to keep their consumers scrolling for at least one minute, with a few interactions. The look of your account will ultimately come down to your target audience – it needs to resonate with your fans.

But how do you create a pretty page? Good content and a consistent theme are incredibly important to a brands image. Poor quality content makes a brand lack professionalism and credibility. Investing in a professional photo shoot will transform an Instagram or Facebook page.

Using apps like Canva, Unfold, VSCO and hundreds of others will give your content spark, a point of difference and some style. Design apps will also help with maintaining your theme throughout the page, utilising recurring colour palettes, fonts and filters help with visual consistency.

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STEP 2 – Consistency is key

Time and time again we see businesses utilising social media to its fullest extent, sharing regularly, being active, gaining followers and then… nothing. For some, it’s a lack of time, or perhaps a lack of drive or the feeling of ‘it’s not working’. They might become active for a few weeks before giving it up once again. Social media takes persistence and it revolves around regularity.

Ideally, businesses should look to share content at least every second day, if not every day – in one form or another. The beauty of social media today is the variety; photos, videos, info-graphics, animated images, quotes – all of it is relevant, if it is created with your brands values and offering AND if it’s reoccurring.

You know that age old saying less is more, well in this case more is more. Bombarding your social accounts isn’t the answer, you don’t want to overwhelm your followers, but you do want to keep the posts up just enough to keep your audience interested, engaged and wanting more.

There are several apps to help with scheduling Instagram and Facebook content – check out Planoly, Later and Hootsuite.

STEP 3 – Invest in the best

Social media can be one of your biggest marketing tools, if used appropriately. Just as you would spend money on traditional print advertising (a lot more money) you need to spend coin on digital ads.

Have you considered the cost of advertising? To put it simply, to reach 1000 impressions through direct mail will cost you $57, through a newspaper and magazines it will cost you $16 and through social media it will set you back a whopping $2.50 (according to Hootsuite).

That in itself should be enough information for you to consider jumping on the social media band wagon and investing in paid ads – not to mention its ability to reach specified audiences.

Your marketing is an investment and not an expense.

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STEP 4 – Stories and highlights – get creative

Facebook and Instagram now give users the ability to share stories which last on their page for 24 hours. They could be pre-recorded or live videos, images with text, tagging and locations – heck, you can even add the current temperature.

Instagram allows you to save those stories on a highlight reel which stick around permanently so users can refer to your posts at any stage.

These functions allow businesses to let consumers discover more about their brand, showcase their products, and give new visitors a run down on your brand.

We will soon share another blog teaching you exactly how to use these functions to enhance your business.

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STEP 5 – Hashtags, likes, follows, comments – stay active

Engaging with your audience and staying active gives your brand a personal and human touch. It positions a business in a good light, not allowing them to look more superior than their clients and followers.

Reacting with a like or a heart or replying to comments on your posts is a great way of doing this – let them know you’re seeing their responses to your posts.

The use of hashtags will also help you to reach new followers, keep them relevant and you will be able to target certain users applicable to your business.

Social media is an effective and inexpensive way of marketing your brand and expanding your audience. These five steps will help any business to grow and generate more revenue.

Happy posting!

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