Paid Advertising

Paid AdvertisingSocial Media not only lets you develop user-base and leads organically but it lets you do the same through paid advertising as well. You can target specifically defined audiences through paid advertisements. Paid advertisements work to produce immediate and instant responses. However, Social Media advertisement campaigns, if not handled properly is akin to throwing your money down the drain.

There is so much more to managing the Social Media Advertisement campaigns. They need careful planning and equally careful execution and management. Paid campaigns should also be constantly monitored. Constant monitoring and management also include making changes time to time to getting the best value for money.

We have a team of social media advertisement managers who work on the paid campaigns alone. Having the experience of different Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, each having its own peculiarities, our media manager design and then deploy the suitable strategy.

Let our Social Media Managers design and execute the social media advertisement campaigns for you. Based on your product and market, we select the right audience profile – geographics, demographics and psychographic profile suitable for your brand and services.

We design the advertisement graphics, insert forms to collect audience information for customer leads and re-targeting, choose the right time and frequency of their exposure to the defined audience.

We manage the campaign that you do not under or overspend your budget. We keep a constant check on how your money is well spent so that the cost per lead is appropriate.

We share daily reports so that you are always in command of your campaign and get best returns on Investments.

Call us to know how best we can meet your objectives of paid campaigns staying well within your budget and deliver better returns on investments.